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Install cPanel Website Management Panel on Server

24 Hours $4.99 USD ORDER

Secure Server from Vulnerabilities and Attack

72 Hours $44.99 USD ORDER

Remove Viruses/Malware from Server

48 Hours $94.99 USD ORDER

Website Migration to New Server

48 Hours $34.99 USD ORDER

WordPress Software Installation

SAVE 50%

24 Hours $4.99 USD ORDER

Joomla Software Installation

SAVE 50%

24 Hours $4.99 USD ORDER

Drupal Software Installation

SAVE 50%

24 Hours $4.99 USD ORDER

Concrete5 Software Installation

24 Hours $9.99 USD ORDER

Forum Software Installation

24 Hours $14.99 USD ORDER

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Shared Server Hosting is the most common and affordable form of website hosting. Multiple users will share the resources of a secured server or group of secured servers in order to put their websites online for others to view. Anet Network Solutions offers several affordable shared hosting services so you can find the perfect shared hosting package for your website needs.

Affordability is the #1 benefit of Shared web Hosting. However most Shared Hosting platforms are also managed, which means that users do not have to worry about things like server management and platform patches.

Shared Website Hosting is the platform in which WordPress can be utilized. There are some platforms that can be optimized specifically for WordPress, however in most cases managed WordPress hosting is synonymous with Shared website Hosting since WordPress is the most common CMS.

In unmetered Shared Hosting you are sharing the resources of a server with multiple users, which means a specific allotment of resources (RAM, CPU, etc) are not guaranteed for your website. In Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting, you are guaranteed resources for your website, however you are often required to manage the server yourself.

Anet Network Solutions is a web host provider that makes it easy to get started with one of the fastest Shared Hosting services on the market. Simply select the shared web hosting plan that best suits your needs and follow the sign up flow. We will automatically install WordPress for you so you can quickly start building your dream website.

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